Do burglars avoid homes with security systems?

The short answer is yes, alarm systems can deter thieves from attacking a home. This is because alarm systems are effective in drawing attention to a property through the loud alarm siren, as well as for notifying the landlord and the authorities. Whether you own or rent your home, the benefits of a security system are many and varied. From the moment it's installed, a home security system provides a shield that protects your family in the worst-case scenario.

Alarm systems can scare away potential thieves and alert police to their presence or even attempts to steal. The most important benefits of installing a home security system are detailed below. Thieves generally agreed that security cameras were a deterrent. But some said it was also likely a sign that there were valuables.

inside the house. One of the main findings of this study was that about 83% of the study participants reported that they had tried to determine if a house was equipped with a home security system before breaking in. We'll thoroughly evaluate the perimeter and entry points of your home and provide you with upfront pricing on the best home security systems in Atlanta. Over its more than 50 years in business, Ackerman has become the most trusted home security company in Atlanta, offering state-of-the-art products installed by expert security professionals.

Insurance companies tend to offer lower rates or discounts to homeowners who invest in home security systems. The truth isn't surprising, given that thieves are naturally attracted to homes that don't have a security system. In addition, many home security systems also report fire or gas problems, and activate help if a CO2 monitor's smoke alarm is activated. The different elements of a security system work together to create a barrier that separates the people and things you love from the people who want to steal or harm them.

We have prepared guides to help you start exploring the security of your home and choose the security system that best suits your needs. A UNC Charlotte study on convicted thieves provides information on why home security systems prevent burglaries. If you're considering buying a home security system, one of the first questions that may come to mind is whether home security systems actually deter crime. An effective security system has components that instantly alert homeowners or the alarm company (and authorities) to the presence of intruders in the home.

In addition, some home security systems also provide access to features such as keyless entry and thermostat controls or other home automation features from remote locations. The best way to assess whether home security systems deter crime is to go directly to the thieves themselves.