Is ring a good security system?

Both Ring and Vivint are excellent home security device companies, ranking No. Both companies offer doorbells and cameras for indoor and outdoor use. Extend your Ring Alarm security system with a Ring doorbell, security camera, or motion-activated light. Ring Alarm Pro's combination of an Eero mesh Wi-Fi router with its own security system gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to organizing your configuration.

With multiple configurations and additional accessories to choose from, the second-generation Ring Alarm security kit fits almost any home and budget. Another interesting addition to Ring's new home security system is the free integration with Alexa Guard Plus, a feature of the Echo's speakers and screens that monitors your home while you're away for unusual sounds (such as broken glass, human footsteps, or smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that sound). It's a unique complement to your home security system and can be a quick and anonymous way to keep your neighbors informed. Monitoring is not mandatory, although it is certainly recommended, making it even more economical to facilitate home security. Ring needs to add more accessories to compete with highly customizable systems from brands like SimpliSafe, but Ring's integration with Alexa and the small but growing variety of hardware options make it a solid entry-level home security system.

The team analyzed each company's equipment offerings, including fully professionally installed systems, wireless security options, cellular network cameras, night vision cameras, Wi-Fi security cameras, pluggable wired cameras, outdoor cameras, fire and smoke alarms, panic buttons, water leak detection, sirens, and more. Ring offers a wide range of equipment to help protect your home in the way that best suits your lifestyle and location, from doorbell cameras to illuminated security cameras that are activated by motion. Price is an important factor when choosing between the best home security companies, accounting for 15% of the total ranking. A Ring home security system is excellent value for money, especially because you can buy as much or as little equipment as you want, as well as add it to your system as needed.

The editorial team evaluated each home security company's list of smart home integrations with platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung, Apple Homekit, and more. A home security company's supply of equipment and package options is critical when deciding how to address your home security needs, which is why it makes up 20% of the total ranking.