Does having a security system lower home insurance?

Discounts on homeowners insurance rates for alarm systems are often advertised between 15 and 20%. Our research showed that, on average, it is more than 5%. Therefore, we dive into the data to think like an insurance agent and try to reconcile these figures.

In addition, you may see a drop in your insurance premiums after installing a home security system


Home insurance premiums are affected by your level of coverage and risk. With a home security system, you reduce your level of risk and your insurance company can lower your premiums. According to the Electronic Security Association (ESA), a home alarm system can offer discounts on alarms of up to 20 percent. Most insurance companies also offer these discounts, so it's a good idea to check with your insurance company to find out how much you could save. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts for a professionally installed security system and an additional discount if the system is monitored.

To get the biggest discount on home insurance with security systems, the best thing to do is add some types of alarms. Some insurance companies include a standard burglar alarm as a home insurance discount for security systems if the alarm is loud enough for neighbors or emergency personnel to hear it. Another way to save money on your insurance is to buy a home security system with leak protection. Since homeowners insurance can cost hundreds to several thousand dollars a year, discounts on home insurance for security systems could save you a significant amount of money over time.

The best way to manage a burglary is to prevent it from the start, and they are less likely to enter homes with security systems. Another way to save money on your home insurance is to purchase a monitored home security system that includes a sprinkler system. The savings you can expect with a discount on a home security system will vary depending on the insurer, as well as the specific types of anti-theft or security devices for which the insurer offers a discount. In addition to protecting your home from potential thieves, your home security system can also offer protection against fire and smoke.

Because you don't write a check every month, you may not know how much it's costing you or how much you could save if you had a monitored home security system. In contrast, a wireless home security system communicates throughout the house via a cellular network. Regardless of how much a home security system costs, you'll want to consider how much the system will save you on your home insurance. You can choose between your own security system or a system installed by professionals and a wireless or wired security system.

Finally, you can save money on your homeowners insurance by installing a home security system monitored with fire and smoke detectors.